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Popular Activities In Carmel, California

by admin on August 20, 2010

Written by Jake Jacobson

Things To Do Around Carmel

“If you want to select the perfect place to call home in California, Carmel is an excellent destination. Hiking the California coast, visiting wineries, sailing, and golfing are just some of the many activities you can enjoy in Carmel. Carmel boasts miles of beautiful coastline where you can enjoy leisurely strolls and admire the gorgeous views. The climate is comfortable year-round, affording residents and visitors myriad outdoor activities.

Water Activities in Carmel

Carmel is an excellent location for sailing and scuba diving. The Monterey Peninsula boasts some of the best scuba diving in central California. Monastery Beach is the most popular spot in the area for scuba divers.

Sailing is another popular activity for water sports enthusiasts in Carmel. Places where you can take sailing lessons and charter boats in Carmel and its surrounding areas include the Monterey Bay Sailing School, Carrera Sailing Charters & School, and the Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club. Party boats can be chartered on Fisherman’s Wharf #1.

For those interested in hiking the California coast, there are plenty of areas to explore in Carmel. At Macabee Beach, you can hike and explore the region’s fascinating kelp forests. At Carmel River State Beach, bird watching is a popular activity. Asilomar Beach features walking trails that take you through the sand dunes.


Visiting wineries and tasting the area’s fine wines is another activity that cannot be missed if you are in Carmel, California. There are several world-class wineries in Monterey County, from San Lucas to Monterey. The wineries are world-renowned and feature several tasting rooms. The Monterey County Vintners and Growing Association sponsors special tours and tastings year-round.


Monterey Bay was recently named the #1 destination for golfers in Golf Digest magazine. There are several prestigious golf courses on the Monterey Peninsula, which is often referred to as a Golfer’s Mecca. The Del Monte Golf Course is the oldest golf course still in operation west of the Mississippi. The Del Monte Golf Course features well protected greens as well as an inviting pavilion adjacent to the course.

The Tehama golf course is a luxury private invitation-only golf course in Carmel, California. Owned by Clint Eastwood, the Tehama Golf Course is expansive and magnificent. It is a generous course with elevated tee boxes. No tee times are necessary for members at this walk on course. The Tehama Golf Club also features a clubhouse that boasts spectacular views of the rolling hills and Carmel Bay and Monterey Bay.

No matter what your interests are, you’re bound to enjoy Carmel, California. From tasting world-class wines to hiking the gorgeous California coast, a wealth of activities is available for your enjoyment in Carmel.

Jake Jacobson recently relocated from Arizona to Carmel, CA. As a licensed realtor in California, Jake’s real estate career spans more than 30 years specializing in luxury gated golf communities. He is excited to be part of the Tehama Realty team and make Carmel his home.

This interview with Gus Arriola, the famed Cartoonist who created Gordo, occured in march of 2000 at his home in Carmel By The Sea, on the Monterey peninsula in California, at spry age of 83. Gus died this week on February 4th of 2008 at age 90, and I wanted to pay homage to one of my cartooning heroes by sharing this interview he graciously granted me. As a cartoonist and illustrator myself, I’ve idolized him since childhood. His strip, Gordo ran 44 years and was decades ahead of it’s time. Smart, funny, worldly and loaded with heart, Gordo was one of the gems of the funny pages from 1941-1985 when he finally retired.

It’s humanitarian values helped shape a generation of young progressives with a sense of wit, timelessness and wonder. Gordo was a genuine Accidental Ambassador who helped pave the way for better understanding between The USA and Mexico. Here on his balcony, I was astonished at his youthful curiosity as he allowed me to introduce him to a plethora of my favorite “newer” alternative cartoonists, including R. Crumb, Los bros. Hernandez (Gilbert and Jaime) Bill Griffith’s Zippy the Pinhead and the new upstart (at that time) Chris Ware, who Gus was mesmerized by.

Again, I was so fortunate to know Gus Arriola in the last 10 years of his life and to be able to call him a friend. Saludos, mi Amigo! Enjoy this footage of one of America’s under-appreciated 20th Century greats. Sam Klemke, Catoonist, Caricaturist, filmmaker and Bon Vivant.”

Jake Jacobson

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