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Affordable Hotels in Monterey With Great Deals

by admin on August 20, 2010

You want your vacation to be affordable.  Hotels in Monterey with great deals are listed here with our compliments.

The Monterey Bay is a destination like no other; sky meets sea meets land with a unique bay that boasts depths comparable to the Grand Canyon.  Marine biologists are still discovering unknown forms of sea life to this day.  Monterey Bay is part of the National Marine Sanctuary; sight-seeing tours spot humpback whales, blue whales, sea lions, otters, and more.

Water activities include sailing, kayaking, diving, and surfing.  Check out our Monterey Hot Deals Packages.   Monterey Hot deals is owned and operated by Monterey Peninsula Reservations, publisher of the Monterey Visitors’ Guide.

Monterey has been a sleepy fishing town, part of the Catholic Mission history in nearby Carmel, a bustling sardine cannery, an early home to state government, site of California’s first theater for actors, and more.

Today Monterey is most known for the famous Monterey Aquarium and marine studies and sanctuaries.  Its beauty and climate make it a top vacation destination.  Yet Monterey has maintained a small town charm.

Monterey Hot Deals has corporate rates and specials with the following properties:

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